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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hello Beautiful Humans!!!

I am excited to announce the launch of my blog and website! I am going to be sharing a lot of content on my life and struggles, as well as funny and beautiful moments in my life that are relatable and hopefully much more. I will be highlighting my most recent journey as well as my struggle with fitness and weight loss. Honestly, I was scared to start this because I figured that I might not have so much to say. I am typically a more private person and only share deep struggles with my closest family and friends. Also, this is a very sensitive topic for me. But I realized that I do have so a lot to share and that with every day that passes, there will be so much more. I have decided to be fearless.

I want to share this struggle and others as well because ultimate goal here is to touch at least one person and help them grow and blossom into their best self. The goal is to create connections with others who are struggling and inspire them to believe and know that it is possible to meet your goals. Changes do not happen overnight. They are gradual. And honestly, too gradual for me sometimes. But they do happen and right now I see them in myself with just a few months of self love and self care.

It is hard to get to where you want to be. Never will it be easy. However, when you get closer and closer to your goal and you start to see the little changes, that is where the happiness comes in. And this goes for every goal in life. I am here to show you and share with you joy, pain and happiness. All of it. Because I am not perfect either, and there are still times where everything will still feel heavy. But I intend to come out and bloom. I intend to inspire you and urge you to change in ways that will be positive for you!

With Love,


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